Rainy Day, 2018



Oil on linen

아트스페이스 펄

Filmmaker, Writer, Painter, Sculptor and Poet, born in South Korea.
 Inspired by his father, Hwang, Ouchul took up painting, drawing, writing, and reading great literature in his earliest childhood. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Seoul National University and has graduate credits from New York University and MFA at the School of Art and Design at Pratt Institute, USA. He completed the Doctor of Science program from graduate school of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies at Waseda University in Tokyo Japan.

His influence is profound. His interests and research continue to flourish in painting, drawing, sculpture and filmmaking. He taught art and filmmaking in many universities including Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Seoul National University, South Korea. He is currently a director of SNOWMAN PICTURES and a “High-end Foreign Experts” and professor at ICCI, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


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